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The Galveston Artist Residency is pleased to announce an Open Call for applications for the 2024 - 2025 Residency Year.

We will be awarding 3 residency grants for the time period of October 1, 2024 through August 1, 2025. Residencies are for the full 10 months.
Unfortunately we are not open to international applications at this time. If you are an international artist currently living/working/studying in the U.S. with a valid visa you are eligible to apply. However it is the responsibility of the artist to extend your visa status should you be accepted. We regret that we do not currently have the ability to assist in visa related issues at this time.

   GAR is a fully funded residency.  Artists in residence will receive a studio, an apartment, a monthly stipend of $1,100 per month, and a $500 travel stipend to be granted upon arrival and departure.

   The residency is intended as a gift of time for the development of your practice. We are looking for visual artists that are at a point in their life where they need to focus on their work and will benefit from a period of intense studio time.

   GAR is located in Galveston TX, a barrier island about one hour away from Houston, on the east Texas coast. Galveston is an eclectic mixture of tourism & industry with a rich history.

   If you are interested in being considered for the Residency program please submit the following application materials, via the online application form to be found at the end of this page, no later than March 23rd, 2024 11:59pm CST:


  • 20 images/examples of your work along with the title/date/media/dimensions
  • A brief bio, artist statement and statement of intent.
  • 3 professional references who we may contact regarding your application.
  • A current resume with a phone number, address and email where you can be reached.

  Applications submitted by other means besides the online form will not be accepted.
  Finalists for the residency grant will be contacted for follow up interviews by phone or video by June.
  Please keep in mind that the application process is highly competitive. On average we receive hundreds of applications a year for 3 positions, which equates to about a 1.2% acceptance rate. For this reason we strongly encourage applicants to apply more than once, and, while we know it is hard, to please keep in mind that a rejection is in no way a personal reflection on you or your work.

   For questions, contact us at (409) 974 4446, or email at: info@galvestonartistresidency.org.  

   For more information, please visit our website:



  - Submittable will automatically shut down the application at 11:59pm CST on March 23rd, 2024. Often the system can become slow or backed up right before the deadline, therefore we highly suggest that you submit your application before the last second! We cannot accept late applications, no matter the reason, because our selection panel begins reviewing applications as soon as the deadline is passed. You can start your application early and save it to come back to. Also, submittable has a countdown on your application to let you know how much time you have left before you apply.

  - Since time to focus on your work is the most important aspect of the GAR residency program, all artists who apply should plan on living at the residency for the full time period. If you have other commitments or are unable to commit to the full 10 months please do not apply. Resident artists are, of course, free to travel for sightseeing, to visit family and friends, and for career-related reasons during their residency (within reason).

   - Spouses/partners/families & pets are welcome to join resident artists while in the residency program, however please be aware that we do not have additional funds or accommodations to offer artists with families. Our apartments are spacious, but they are all one bedroom, studio style apartments. We have had residents with kids who have made our apartments work for their families, but this is something that should be carefully considered before applying. In addition, if you have school-aged children we can offer basic information on Galveston schools, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the parents to make school arrangements while here. Please secure prior approval from GAR before bringing any pets.

   - Artist collaborations or groups are eligible to apply, however please be aware that you will be considered for one residency position and we do not have additional accommodations or funds to provide to artistic teams with more than one person. Therefore you must be comfortable sharing an apartment, studio, and stipend. If you are a team that would like to be considered for more than one residency position please apply separately and make a note in your statement of intent that you are part of a team.

   - We strongly recommend having a car if possible. Galveston is a barrier island with a small-town feel. Houston is the largest closest city and it is 45 minutes to 1 hour away by highway. Public transportation within Galveston and between Galveston and Houston is limited.

   - We have 3 cats who live in our studio building. If you suffer from cat allergies, depending on the severity of your allergy, you need to consider this before you apply. They are adorable and they love people. In addition we ask that residents with their own pets secure prior approval before bringing them into the studio with you.

   - We are a very small community - there are 3 GAR employees and 3 residents. The residents work and live right next to each other. Therefore it is imperative that you be able to get along with people, no matter their background, experiences, art practice, etc. We require all our residents to be respectful of each other, first and foremost. We also recommend applicants be self-reliant, flexible, and tolerant. Galveston isn't a big city, and we're a small community.

  - It is important to fully consider the reality of a long term residency program before you apply. Our goal is to support the artists' creative process over a period of time. While we strive to provide as much financial support as we can, the stipend does not include health insurance. Additionally, if you are dealing with numerous outside concerns, a year in Galveston, with its relative isolation and low financial support may become more of a hindrance than a help.

   - We highly recommend you do as much research as possible about GAR and Galveston before applying. Peruse our website, our blog, and instagram. Google "Galveston TX". Learn as much as you can about what you are applying to. If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email. If you're within travel distance, please come by and visit us! We're open Tuesday to Saturday 11- 4pm.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.